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"The Dinner", a branded short film for Gia Coppola Wine.


Ella se queda: a short film

Throughout a night of partying in downtown Tijuana, a young woman comes to the decision to sacrifice her ex-boyfriend in order to join a vampire ballerina coven.

Bailo por mi corazón, aunque no palpite: a short film

Two flamenco dancers face each other in a dance battle to claim a Sacramonte Cave in Granada. 

Untitled self portrait project: an experimental performance video piece

Video portraits of Marinthia that attempt to capture the person's perception of her as a person. Through this collective series, Marinthia's intention is to actively exercise letting go creative and perceptional control. A paradox itself, this project is an observation of the spectrum between autership to creative collaboration through the lens of the contributors' diverse gazes towards the same subject. 

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