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A film by Marinthia Gutiérrez

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On a scorching summer day filled with vapidness and decay, Girl tries to find the right words to confess her love to Boy, a flirtatious childhood friend who may, or may not, feel the same way. Through her eyes, it seems like the end of the world, and in this case it really is. 

I wrote this script as a therapy of some sort to get over a nightmare I had this year which consisted of the end of the world, taking place on a beautiful day. The scenario was so impactful and made me recognize the swiftness of mortality. I kept playing the dream over and over in my head and I always came back to that moment when everything faded away to darkness, clearly remembering how I was consciously regretting not being able to say goodbye to my loved ones. 

I want to tell a story about love; that it is hard to express but it is necessary—in this film, I focus on unresolved love because it is fickle and silent, and hard to put into words, especially if you don’t know how the other person feels. Sometimes life puts us in situations that make us not want to admit how we truly feel, but then we regret not doing so.

We tell ourselves that we will find a better time to express our feelings, but the sentiment gets delayed with the excuse of bad or right timing. 


With Strawberry Skies, Electric Skin, love is in a difficult scenario and a strenuous environment, with the question of whether Boy likes Girl back, and having to endure extreme summer heat; the environment of the story is also a main character. Mother Nature acts as a timer and also as a manifestation of Girl’s feelings, as her emotions get more intense as the story progresses. This film is a reflection of someone’s emotional world, and also an allegory about time and its finality, positioning the story as a cautionary tale about love.

- Marinthia

With your donations, we will be able to pay for camera and other equipment rentals, food for crew members, visual effects, post-production services, and transportation to and from set. We are already keeping costs for this production as low as possible, and with donations as little as $10 - $25 per person we could easily have enough to complete this project. 



Marinthia Gutiérrez

Writer, Director​

Marinthia Gutiérrez was born in San Diego, CA and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Growing up, Marinthia was immersed in Mexican and American media and culture which have informed her creative sensibilities. Her interest in animation and photography led to her passion in filmmaking as an early teen, and since then, her eyes have been set on writing and directing for film and television. Marinthia is drawn to tell stories that are character-driven and  introspective in a visual, and almost surreal way.


She is also determined to represent people of color in her work, especially giving Latinx talent authentic roles that are non-existent in today’s media landscape. Marinthia graduated from the UCLA Theater, Film, and Television school in 2018 with a BA in Film, & TV, emphasizing in narrative Directing.


Emily Friedman


Emily Friedman has produced many short films, a web series pilot, and several commercials, and has worked as Creative Director at 1stAveMachine. There, she developed and coordinated content for clients at Google, Google Arts & Culture, Facebook, YouTube, and the Gotham Group. She has also worked creating pitch packages for Hudsun Media, First Look Media, Topic, BrandNewSchool, CBX, Recess, RadicalMedia, and other private clients. She is a graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Film & TV Production. Her most recent works include the “City is the New Beach” Spring campaign for Vilebrequin and the short film Mosholu Parkway starring Caroline Aaron (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel). Her short film Pancakes premiered this October at Reel Affirmations, Washington, DC’s International LGBTQ+ Festival.

Her work can be viewed at


Cara Maiatico


Cara Maiatico is from a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania and spent most of her childhood surrounding herself with all forms of art including photography, dancing, painting, and singing, all while trying to promote her love for our environment and human rights using art. She has worked on an array of short films, documentaries, narrative television, and commercials.


When not working, she spends her free time hiking, traveling, and collecting far too many records. Holding a BFA in Film / Television Production from DeSales University, she currently works as a freelance production coordinator and producer in the greater Los Angeles area.


Evelyn Martinez


Evelyn is a producer based out of Los Angeles. She is currently in post-production for “Joyride,” a Latino Public Broadcasting grantee and for “Piano in the Wild,” a music project documenting grand piano endurance concerts to advocate for stewardship and conservation.

Currently, she is developing her projects, Duendes, a fantasy VR short, Spoopy Police, a sketch comedy show, and Luz y Soledad, which will be her directorial debut in 2020. Evelyn is a Co-Founder of Cundina Collective, a production company passionate about telling stories with corazón. She is also part of the team at Quebrada Entertainment and was previously a Communication's Associate for NALIP (The National Association of Latino Independent Producers).


André de Limur

Director of Photography

Born and raised by artists in the redwoods of Northern California, André de Limur has a passion for creativity and problem solving. The isolation and tranquility of growing up in the woods drew out a creative spark in him from a young age. Whether it was designing models in his youth, painting in the studio, or restoring vintage cars during his teen-hood, tinkering and making has been a fundamental part of his genetic fiber.


While studying film as an undergrad at UCLA, André narrowed in on his passion for cinematography and digital media as a means to communicate narrative. He currently is working at a boutique cinema rental facility and continues to practice his craft during his free time.


Amor Amezcua (Myuné)


Amor Amezcua is Myuné, a solo project originated from Tijuana. Her music is impregnated with a certain dream hue where her voice is submerged; she plays with synthesizers and drum machines that would only put us in a certain contemplative state. The music of Myuné lets us fall slowly on technicolor clouds without perceiving that we fall upwards, the melancholy slowly weaves itself between its melodies and the beats come and go like small explosions in the sky.


Amor Amezcua’s music career took off as a drummer in her band Mint Field, where she had the opportunity to grow along her emotional and musical experiences. With Mint Field, she got to perform in festivals like Coachella, SXSW, Desert Daze, Nrmal, Ceremonia, and world touring.

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